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About this Blog

The Blog is basically divided into 3 categories:
2. Tech Wiz – These are the latest happenings in the exciting and dynamic world of technology. You can never get enough of “the new stuff in town”. This section aims at patching that problem up.
3. Just Me – This is basically a fun corner. All the latest happenings in my life, personal thoughts, college life, new couples, broken couples, classroom crushes everything will be discussed here. The fun is intended for people who know me personally, mainly friends and classmates.

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Since this blog primarily focuses on placements at campus, I’ve got a matter of grave concern to address. One of our lecturers had a “chat” with our placement officer. He complains that our students are ill-mannered, because of which we are losing our edge over the others. This is sad because we simply cannot and should not tolerate unemployement for silly reasons like being “ill-mannered”.

       This inspired me to put up good articles that would help us “polish” our skills, starting from manners and soft skills to aptitude and technical rounds. Sort of an overall guide. But, I would also like to make this a college initiative and encourage all of my peers within and outside college to post articles by freeing themselves for a few minutes.

       Hope this would help all of us. “As you sow, so shall you reap”. So, as much as I realize how important your time is, please “help us help ourselves” by posting good articles..
Site Feedback is encourged. As long as the feedbacks and comments are genuine, they’ll be posted irrespective of their nature.

Harish Madhavan