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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apple i Phone 4′s Grip of Death

       Steve Jobs, Founder and CEO of Apple recently unveiled the latest addition to the i Phone family – Apple i Phone 4.  The i Phone has always been a much hyped product but this time, the apple fanatics have very little to be proud of. It was announced that when the device is palmed with the left hand, there is an increased probability of your finger blocking a particularly sensitive part of the antennae, there by causing a sudden drop in the reception signal.  Steve Jobs recommended that holding the phone in the right palm while using the device would alleviate this problem. As it is a glitch caused due to lack of insulation between the antennae and the user’s hand, a software patch can’t obviously fix this problem.
       Also, there is a problem with the formula that Apple uses to calculate the signal strength.  “Upon investigation, we were stunned to learn that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong,” Apple said in a statement. “Our formula, in many instances, mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength. For example, we sometimes display 4 bars when we should be displaying as few as 2 bars,” the company said. This mistake has been present from the first generation i Phone itself. So, if you were thinking that your i Phone was best at signal reception compared to other phones in the same vicinity, then you’re mistaken.
       Apple said it plans to remedy the situation through a patch that adds an AT&T-recommended formula for checking signal strength. Though the software bug can be fixed through a patch, the “Grip of Death” issue still remains. Users have started a petition demanding that Apple either develop a proper fix or issue free rubber cases that insulate the antenna from human contact. So far, Apple has not responded to the demands.
       Yes, Apple does have an incredible reputation for the quality of their products. Now, i Phone does have many app developers based on  its SDK too. But at the end of the day, a phone is a phone and if you can’t hold it the way you want to while speaking, is it worth buying that phone ??

Tech Wiz

There is no use of yesterday’s technology. Lets get geared up for tomorrow, today. This is the spot to talk about everything, hardware, software, mal-ware, spy-ware, firmware, all the wares you can possibly think of. So contribute, think, grow…


This is my first blog.  So wats happening at our college.. Lets start with placements shall we.. Do place your comments abt r campus recruitements..
Good news for people awaiting placements. Our notice board proudly announces that 3 students from CS gets placed in SAP Ltd. with a monthly salary of Rs.40000. I met the people who got placed. Sadly, they’ve finished only one round. Technical round and GD still awaits them. And before those results are announced, the college has “Declared” that they’re placed. Anyway, the placement officer knows someone from SAP HR it seems and he got a grapevine that these people are more or less placed. Congrats to my pals.
Some have also cleared exams for IAF as technical officer. But, on the whole, placements are still on a low note. Much more work is to be done but we’ve our beginnings now to work on… :)

Visit to Mantri Square

       With a lot of hype and a grand launch of the country’s biggest mall – MANTRI SQUARE , namma bengaluru has just got itself yet another landmark to boast of. So, my friends and me decided to go check it out and see whether its worth all this hype.
       If you’re in a hurry, skip to the “Conclusion” right away.
       We preferred public transport to private ones because the mall is at the heart of the city and well connected with buses. It is at Malleshwaram, Sampige Road. So we first went to Majestic and buses leave to this place from Majestic Bus Station,Platform number 20. Virtually any bus from this platform would go via MANTRI. In about 25 mins from Majestic, we reached the mall.
       From the outside it does look huge but you can only perceive the actual size of the mall once you enter. They have a Lower Ground Floor(LG), Upper Ground(UG) and the 1st,2nd and 3rd floors. We started with the lower ground floor. The main attraction here is the huge Spar mall. Spar seems to have covered most of the place in the LG floor and also seems to be well organized. There are other stores too, mostly fashion accessories lik SHOWOFF. But they’re comparitively small. Then there is some mouth watering Gelato being served here. Not to forget Kalmane Coffee Shop to refresh you in case you stepped in after a bad night’s sleep! Then we took the escalator to the UG floor.