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Friday, July 23, 2010

Techmeme - automatically updating news site

       Techmeme is the brain child of former Intel Engineer, Gabe Rivera. This is a dynamically and automatically changing news site that works on the foundation of some software algorithms. The algorithms continuously scrap through various blogs and websites and compiles the most recent technology related news as the front page of its site. The process of ranking the news according to its importance, phasing out stale news etc is done by an automated process although manual intervention is required at times.
       Once a particular news of importance has been detected, it compiles links to list of sites that may contain news related to the same info. This helps to gather more news about the technology and also to keep focused on the current news. It also maintains a database. When techmeme identifies that a particular site or blog is a source of good news, its added to the database and used for further updates in the future.
       The success of this technology has even prompted it to go mobile. Techmeme now has a mobile version built for devices like Apple i Phone, Palm Pre and Motorola Droid. New mobile versions are also available for Gabe Rivera's other sites, Memeorandum, Ballbug, and WeSmirch. This is expected to increase site readership. The mobile version of the site can be found at http://techmeme.com/m

India's cheapest laptop costing Rs. 1500

       Launched by the Human Resource and Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, the laptop that costs $30 is not only India's, but the world's cheapest laptop. The laptop, unveiled Thursday by Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal, has all the basic features, including a built-in key board, a 2 GB RAM memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB ports and is powered by a 2-watt system for use in power deficit areas. Interestingly, the device doesn't have a hard disk. This is an idea used to cut costs as well as save power. The device is likely to be available next year. 
       The seven and nine inch Linux-based touchscreen gadget can also be run on solar power, besides the battery operated system. The computing device will support functions like video web conferencing facility, and multimedia content viewing. The HRD ministry, under whose initiative the computer was designed and developed, hopes to bring down the price to $10 after the device is mass produced.
       Teams of experts, students and professors drawn from the Indian Institutes of Technology at Kharagpur, Kanpur, Chennai and Mumbai and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, offered their skills and expertise to bring out the device with the HRD ministry.     

       One motherboard was reportedly designed by a student of Vellore Institute of Technology under his B.Tech project and was fabricated at IIT Kanpur. The cost had worked out to Rs.2,209. Thereafter, the processes of customisation helped reduce the price of the computing device.

       Once it becomes commercially available, it will surely help students as they can now own a resonably fast laptop at very affordable prices

KEA now brings jobs for grads

       Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) is well-known for the Common Entrance Test (CET) that it conducts, which enables students to choose an engineering seat in the college of their choice based on their ranks. After seeing its immense success, many private firms and MNCs have requested KEA to conduct a common aptitude test for graduates, that would ease the recruiters task of hiring freshers every year. This is a boon to many students, especially to the ones studying in the "lesser-known" colleges as the test serves as a common platform and does not differentiate students based on the colleges they're in. KEA has teamed up with The Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation (KVTSDC) and aims to revamp the currently "dying" Employement exchange by setting up a Central Placement Cell (CPC). The students are requested to register on the KEA online portal - http://www.jobraiser.com and upload their resume.