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Friday, July 23, 2010

Techmeme - automatically updating news site

       Techmeme is the brain child of former Intel Engineer, Gabe Rivera. This is a dynamically and automatically changing news site that works on the foundation of some software algorithms. The algorithms continuously scrap through various blogs and websites and compiles the most recent technology related news as the front page of its site. The process of ranking the news according to its importance, phasing out stale news etc is done by an automated process although manual intervention is required at times.
       Once a particular news of importance has been detected, it compiles links to list of sites that may contain news related to the same info. This helps to gather more news about the technology and also to keep focused on the current news. It also maintains a database. When techmeme identifies that a particular site or blog is a source of good news, its added to the database and used for further updates in the future.
       The success of this technology has even prompted it to go mobile. Techmeme now has a mobile version built for devices like Apple i Phone, Palm Pre and Motorola Droid. New mobile versions are also available for Gabe Rivera's other sites, Memeorandum, Ballbug, and WeSmirch. This is expected to increase site readership. The mobile version of the site can be found at http://techmeme.com/m

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