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Friday, November 19, 2010

M Cube insvestment Software Pvt. Ltd. (Questions asked)

The first company that visited our campus did leave me with an unforgettable experience. M Cube is a very different kind of company from the scratch. Why?
1. Their aptitude test has no mathematics or logic or the other standard sections that you find in other papers
2. Only 2 questions, 1 hour time to solve
3. Both the questions will be algorithmic puzzle expected to test your analytic reasoning.
4. The interviewers question on linked lists, FIFO, circular linked lists, trees, and all other data structure concepts you can possibly think of.
5. They worry a lot on space and time complexity.

The 2 questions that we got :
1. Consider a string. Devise an algorithm to find all possible circular rotations of the string.