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Thursday, July 29, 2010

World's first 3D camcorder

       The 3D revolution has been rapidly spreading, starting from movies like Avatar to home entertainment that includes 3D TVs and 3D mobile displays. The latest addition to this family is the World's first 3D camcorder, launched by Panasonic on Wednesday.
       The HDC-SDT750 3D, priced at £1,300 works on a sophiscated double lens model. Company spokesman Barnaby Sykes said "Just as we have two eyes, the camcorder has two lenses side by side". The camcorder imitates the human brain by merging the images from the two lenses to create a single 3D vision. The images recorded can be viewed on the already available 3D TVs.  Also, it is capable of recording full-definition images even if the 3D lens is detached from the camera. It features a time lapse recording that plays scenes at a desired accelerated speed. The camcorder is expected to be available from September.

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