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Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is my first blog.  So wats happening at our college.. Lets start with placements shall we.. Do place your comments abt r campus recruitements..
Good news for people awaiting placements. Our notice board proudly announces that 3 students from CS gets placed in SAP Ltd. with a monthly salary of Rs.40000. I met the people who got placed. Sadly, they’ve finished only one round. Technical round and GD still awaits them. And before those results are announced, the college has “Declared” that they’re placed. Anyway, the placement officer knows someone from SAP HR it seems and he got a grapevine that these people are more or less placed. Congrats to my pals.
Some have also cleared exams for IAF as technical officer. But, on the whole, placements are still on a low note. Much more work is to be done but we’ve our beginnings now to work on… :)


  1. Unfortunately, even after all these days, there is still no word from SAP Labs. All of us who were "declared" to be placed there, forfeited a few other opportunities of getting placed at a good company. Now, we are literally 'in the dark'. We don't know if there will be any word from SAP, or will we be able to get a job elsewhere through college campus recruitments....

  2. Oh that's sad. Heard that L&T is coming to our college tomorrow. Lets hope that they would hire a considerable number of people.


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